How To Register as a registered representative with SARS?

A registered representative needs to be registered with SARS before you can submit any returns on SARS eFiling. Only once registered will you also have the ability to delegate this function to additional eFiling administrators or tax practitioners like TaxAssist.

What is a registered representative?

A registered representative is a person who is appointed with full rights to act on behalf of another legal entity (e.g. Companies, Trusts, etc.), often Public Officers, Accounting Officers, or administrators, etc. If a legal entity has more than one registered representative, then one has to be nominated as the official “representative person” with SARS. Remember the registered representative must be registered with SARS.  

How to submit a request to Register a Representative?

Submit a request by using the link here  SARS Online Query System 

Complete the details as Capacity normally public officer for Companies and Main Trustee for Trusts. Enter the Entity details, the representative details and click on Documents where you will see the following submission option.

The documents required for the Registered Representative is indicated below;

You can download the Ordinary Resolution to be appointed as a Public Officer here Resolution Resolution  and the Consent to act as a Public Officer here  Consent Consent that you must keep in your Board of Directors Meeting register.

The SARS letter of appointment signed by all the directors is the only document required by SARS and you can download it here SARS Appointment SARS Appointment

SARS confirmed that the note on the selfie must read "UPDATE MY COMPANIES DETAILS"  

The Documents required for the entity that must be uploaded is indicated below;

After you have uploaded all the documents required by SARS you can click on Submit.

Please note that it can take SARS up to 21 days to verify the information!