Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe and how do I know you've claimed all deductions?

This is 100% safe as each and every tax return is handled by a registered tax practitioner with years of experience in this field. Once we have gathered all documents from the different parties and made our calculations of money owed to/by SARS we will send you an email summarizing the situation. If anything is unclear or you are unhappy that we missed something you simply reply on our email and we will phone you.We will not submit you tax return until you are 100% satisfied.

What is the turnaround time?

Once we have received your IRP5 and all relevant other information we need 7 working days before your return will be submitted to SARS. If we experience difficulty getting hold of your documentation from 3rd parties (which shouldn't be the case) we will contact you in good time to discuss the situation.


What happens afterwards?

Once we have submitted your tax return SARS will issue an assessment, usually a maximum of 34 working days but can also be a lot quicker. Once this assessment has been received we will check it and if unhappy will lodge a complaint with SARS on your behalf. Once satisfied, your assessment will be uploaded under your username.

Income Tax Return Process

We are glad to announce the easiest way of submitting your tax return to SARS annually, besides doing it yourself. No tax forms needed to be filled in from your side, no "incorrect" form returns from SARS. By supplying us with a few documents and information all of this will done for you by a registered tax practitioner. All the stress of trying to complete your own form, dealing with SARS etc will be a thing of the past. Best still, it will take you only 5 minutes!

How does it work?

Step 1 – Either use the online form or offline form under the Process tab to complete the relevant information.  New clients click on the Client Information Declaration and SARS general power of attorney forms.  For online complete, scan your signature and attached and submit and offline complete, print, sign and fax or email back to us.

Step 2 – Click on the Income Tax Return Worksheet, complete, attach your scanned signature and submit.

Step 3 – Pay the fee using your name as reference (Bank details on contact page).

We do the rest, request your tax form from SARS, gather all information needed, do necessary calculations, complete your tax form and submit to SARS. We will inform you via e-mail of any monies owed to/by SARS before submitting the return.