Sars General Power Of Attorney

To whom it may concern:
I, the undersigned

In my capacity as
With income tax reference number
and VAT reference number (if applicable)

hereby nominate and appoint TaxAssist, including any of their registered tax consultants, to be my representative with FULL power and authority to act on my behalf in respect to my tax affairs, and in my name and on my behalf to make any enquiries or to complete or sign the necessary returns or other documents regarding my tax affairs.

This power of attorney does not apply to:

The lodging of any objection by me against any assessment, appeal to the Tax Board or Court or participation in the alternative dispute resolution in terms of the rules applicable to the dispute resolution process, which requires a separate power of attorney contemplated in rule 4(d)(ii) of the rules issued in terms of section 107A of the Income Tax Act of 1962.

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